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    From investor to founder…

    Hello! I’m Philip. I welcome you to Frontier Kapital.
    Let me tell you a thing or two about me.

    Before I founded Frontier Kapital, I was a professional investor and financier in Munich,
    London, Frankfurt and Stockholm. During this time I have seen thousands of deals.

    I worked with many entrepreneurs selling, buying and financing their companies successfully…

    …but it has always bothered me that good deals failed, because no suitable buyers, investors or financiers were found and because potential transaction parties did not fit together well enough or felt misunderstood.
    In order to solve this problem, I have founded Frontier Kapital.

    We package your deal the right way, we run the full transaction process efficiently and we know how to talk to investors,
    financiers and business owners to get the deal done. No matter whether your business is doing well or not.
    Complexity is also not an obstacle.

    Get in touch with us to chat about M&A and financing opportunities or
    connect with me on LinkedIn or XING.

    We know what entrepreneurs want…

    We do the entire deal for you

    We are fully accountable for the process management and structured execution of your transaction.

    We do everything ourselves – from A to Z. The preparation, the marketing and the negotiation of the transaction. Of course we do this in consultation with you.

    You can always reach Philip personally. He is pragmatic, he works fast and I explains things in a way that everybody can understand. No complicated finance lingo.

    We have a large network 

    Every deal is different. Different owner/s, different management, different situation, different industry, different corporate culture.

    That’s why it’s so important to have a large network. We have good contacts to investment funds, entrepreneurs, family offices, private investors, special financiers and banks.

    We know the decision makers and run a competitive bidding process for your deal to achieve the best transaction terms and a high closing probability.

    We offer a strong price-performance ratio

    We deliver first-class investment banking services at a strong price-performance ratio tailored to your individual requirements.

    Our fees are flexible. You can choose between a one-off flat fee or a monthly retainer. We always charge a success fee.

    We work independently and exclusively for you. There is no risk of a conflict of interests and there is no risk of hidden payments or anything of that sort.

    ...and we know what buyers, investors and
    financiers want...

    We package your deal the right way

    The right preparation, marketing and negotiation are the be-all and end-all for a successful transaction.

    We have lots of experience in creating compelling marketing materials and in effectively presenting your company to the right decision makers.

    We know the information requirements of domestic and international buyers, sellers, investors and financiers very well.

    We run a structured deal process

    Whether investor, financier, buyer or seller. Nobody likes a chaotic, unplanned process.

    We know how important good planning and execution are to the success of your transaction. That’s why we run a well organized book and manage the placement of your deal competitively.

    We have a large network and communicate with decision makers clearly and effectively. We put your transaction on the right track and move the deal process forward for you.

    We invest ourselves

    We have been investing in companies from different industries around the world for many years.

    Based on our investment experience we have built specialized knowledge and we thoroughly understand business models and transaction structures.

    We quickly grasp the most critical details of a deal and we are able to translate it into the language of the financial professionals. This is how we create comfort to close your transaction successfully.

    …and that is why our clients are successful…

    We match entrepreneurs with company buyers and sellers as well as with investors and financiers.
    We have done so successfully on more than 100 transactions.

    For our clients, the operational work begins when the deal is done. Our work doesn’t stop then either.
    It’s important to us to succeed as a team, together with you, and to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs.

    To us, investment banking doesn’t feel like work. We stay in regular contact with you after transaction close
    and we are your partner when it comes to questions around M&A and company financing.

    Get in touch with us or connect with Philip on LinkedIn or XING
    We look forward to hearing your story.

    It’s always best to talk.
    Get in touch to chat with us...

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